DONALDSON EXERCISE - How to be Healthy and Fit with a Good Sense of Humor

How Roryd integrates mind, body and heart in order to go life's full distance and live like an athlete. As Gypsy Boots so clearly put it, "Don't panic, go organic. Laugh your way to health." As Metallica puts it, "My lifestyle determines my deathstyle."

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Monday, February 20, 2006


As discussed in Heart Monitor Training for the Complete Idiot by John Parker, "undertraining" is the secret weapon that leads to health and fitness with a good sense of humor. Rest is when adaptation occurs, and those of us who don't get enough rest between workouts aren't going to get stronger, or do much laughing - we will get tired and grumpy, perhaps injured, perhaps sick. Illness, pain and injury are the body's way of yelling at us to back off!

When I miss a workout I don't try and double up the next day. I count the time off as a rest day bonus and pick up where I left off, knowing I'll probably feel great for the extra kindness to my body.

"Clip-Clop, Clip-Clop...," one foot in front of another, is not the same as running. Improvement requires occasional periods of sustained effort, blended with plenty of rest. With this in mind I almost don't care how hard I exercise, or how much time I spend in some "zone" or "range." When I feel like walking, I walk. When I feel like giving it the gun, I give it the gun. Probably the bottom line test of how well my program is paying off is how I feel when I first get up in the morning. Am I stiff? Am I limping? Do I have pain? I am very pleased to report that as of this morning, I am not stiff, I am not limping, I have no pain. I think I'm doing something right, even though, according to some people, my workout is pretty lazy. "Why," someone told me the other day, "I bet you could lift a lot more weight than that." "I bet I could," I responded as I sprinkled glass in their running shoes, "but for how many days?" (After all, I've been at this for over thirty years.)