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Sunday, February 19, 2006


RORYD SEZ: There are at least 25 good reasons that I like to use “poles” when I run, hike, rollerblade or skate:
  1. Poles involve more muscles than simple running, walking or hiking;
  2. My hands, arms and shoulders and back become involved;
  3. Circulation and strength through my arms and hands is improved;
  4. Hands, shoulders and back become stronger and look better;
  5. Oxygen consumption is improved;
  6. Using upper-body muscles burns as many as 40% more calories than simply using legs alone;
  7. Time in aerobic zone is increased;
  8. Cross-training of all muscles is encouraged;
  9. Balance is improved;
  10. Safety is improved;
  11. Exercise through my core is encouraged;
  12. Body weight becomes distributed through my arms as well as my legs, reducing pounding on legs and knees;
  13. Unweighting knees and legs with poles is kind to sciatic nerve problems;
    Speed is improved;
  14. Unweighting with the arms takes a load off the back;
  15. Poles help me vault and fly over obstacles in the path;
  16. I really gain traction on hills, both up and down;
  17. Coming down steep hills, they prevent slipping;
  18. They help keep rhythm;
  19. When I’m on the flat I can carry one in each hand, horizontally, and use them as pistons to power along;
  20. They’re great when crossing streams or a slippery log;
  21. They provide a stretch through the entire upper body;
  22. They’re smart;
  23. They help prevent injury and strain;
  24. They provide me with a superior feeling as I clip past all those who aren’t taking advantage of all their benefits;
  25. They’re hip;
  26. They're powerful;
  27. They’re fun.